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Board moderator open lines of communication

Reflections by PNC-UCC Moderator Tara Leininger

One of the observations from many in the PNC since May has been a lack of communication on the part of myself, the Board or from the staff. 

Tara Leininger is now the PNC-UCC moderator.

This was not intentional but, once we entered the summer, we faced many challenges and changes.

• We had the conference minister of the past 14 years accept a call into a new ministry, which surprised many of us. 

• We had the camp director at N Sid Sen resign, seeking to live near family in Western Washington. 

• Our minister for church vitality took a long-overdue and well-deserved sabbatical. 

It took me a bit to get my feet under me as the moderator. For one thing, I didn’t trust myself or the position I had accepted. 

During the pandemic, things were so blanketed by distance and isolation that to suddenly be the moderator of the conference was disconcerting.

Fortunately, I had several people reminding me that I was the person in charge, that I had authority to act, and that I had to do just that—act.

There was action to be taken, and some of it is still forthcoming, but things have moved quickly. 

• We bade farewell to Mike Denton, with thanks and blessings. 

• We welcomed as our Acting Conference Minister Courtney Stange-Tregear. 

• We are getting the search committee together to find a camp director for N Sid Sen. We hope to have someone in place before Mark leaves in November. 

Of course, there are also the usual fires and issues that the conference faces on an almost daily basis. 

Which brings us back to communication. Who wants to know and how much do you want to know?

I’ve been told that those who feel left out of the loop have been creating all sorts of dire situations:  stop that! 

Rather than imagine the worse, try asking me!  Ask a board member.  Ask Courtney.  Call Arlene and have her direct your call to someone who can help you. 

In the meantime, Courtney, Vice Moderator Indigo Brown and I, and the Board will do our best to keep you posted. 

My grandmother was of an era where the phrase “no news is good news” was a given. 

I guess in many ways it’s a lesson I still use.  I didn’t have any news to share so I didn’t say anything – which was wrong.  I will do better. 

If something is worrying you, don’t make yourself crazy.  Give me a call or an email, and I’ll be glad to communicate with you personally.  Shalom!

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