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Winter 2023-24

Faith Action Network begins its work on advocacy priority issues in the state legislsture for the 2024 short session.
Corey Passons led workshops at Parliament of World Religions from experience as interfaith pastor and interfaith organizer.
Elizabeth Maupin reports on Parliament of World Religions. She attended because of role with Issaqual interfaith council.


Fall 2022

Courtney Stange-Tregear has begun as the Acting Conference Minister with a goal to focus on relationships and storytelling.
Tara Leininger welcomes and introduces Courtney Stange-Tregear in her new role as Acting Conference Minister.
Tara Leininger communicates with conference on a series of changes in PNC personnel and plans for search teams.
PNC-UCC Dismantling Racism Task Force prepares document for white congregations wnating to welcome BBIAPI speakers.

Summer 2022

Mike Denton announces plan to accept call to a church in Massachusetts and leave role with PNC.

Fall 2021

Youth delegate to virtual General Synod is impressed with ginormous impact of national UCC on social justice issues.
Puerto Rican couple serve as Global Ministries mission co-workers with Justapaz, the PNC-DOC partner in Colombia.
In a stewardship appeal, Jim CastroLang reflects on chaos of worls and invites investment to help build communities of trust.
Hillary Coleman, moderator, reports on board of directors' projects and on Annual Meeting April 29 to May 1, 2022.

Spring 2021

Dismantling Racism and and Reparations teams bring document and suggestions to Annual Meeting for discussion.
As Steve Clagett steps down from five years of leading the Justice Witness Ministries Committee he offers an overview.
Annual Meeting to vote on agreement to begin a partnership with Justapaz and CEDECOL in Colombia.
Stewardship Committee appeals for donations to Friends of the Conference in conjunction with Annual Meeting.
Falth leaders hold art contest to uplift humanity and dispel apathy in face of graffiti on temple and hate inspired shootings.


Winter 2020

Kendall Clark Baker reports that the COVID surprise is generous giving through various means to the PNC-UCC.
Hillary Coleman discusses Guiding Vision for PNC Stewardship and Budget, and other board actions.
PNC raises funds on Giving Tuesday with a goal of raising $20,000 to match $20,000 for a total of $40,000.
Kelsey Peterson Beebe connects people to God and each other through movement in her Dancing Pastor Ministries.


Summer 2020

This Is Me compiles stories shared during Lent. Courtney Stange Tregear edited the book, not sold at Amazon as fundraiser.
Environmental Justice Team invites Governor's aide to share updates on various legislation on energy and climate change.


Fall 2019

Faith Leaders challenge white supremacy and devastation of the Earth by holding vigils and making statements.
Wendy Blight, moderator, reports on actions of the PNC-UCC Board of Directors, including bylaws and database.
Andrew Conley-Holcom is leading a class on white supremacy and idolatry and starting Racism Anonymous.

Summer 2019

Moderator Wendy Blight summarizes the Board's priorities to build relationships, dismantle racism.
Church Council of Greater Seattle celebrates 100 years of churches/faiths working together to make a difference.


November-December 2018

Moderator Wendy Blight speaks on the value of face-to-face board meetings along with online meetings.
Three women participate in the Jubilee Justice Program for 2018-19 working with agencies and congregations.


Pugetarians meet bimonthly as a gathering of retired clergy, professional ministers and spouses.

September-October 2018

Justice Leadership Program begins year with six new interns and two continuing interns to serve agencies and churches.
Wendy Blight reports on PNC Board's emphasis on building relationships among clergy and congregations.

Spiritual Formation Task Force offers new resources/curriculum for small groups to build relationships.
Stewardship Committee led summer workshop on building a culture of generosity in PNC churches.

Summer 2018

Andy CastorLang found Westminster UCC in Spokane has been empowered by joining the Spokane Alliance.
Photos tell stories of the rallies and actions that were part of six weeks of the Poor People's Campaign in Washington.


April-May 2018

Justice Leadership NW takes group on Homelessness Pilgrimage to learn of history and present homelessness.
Mike Denton describes changes in the PNC camping programs over the years and new appeal for support from conference.
Stewardship Committee plans a training event about 'Creating a congregational Culture of Generosity.'
Seattle and Spokane churches participate in plans for the Poor People's Campaign locally and nationally.


February-March 2018

PNC Board joins in Women's March in Seattle to deepen relationships and connections of church vitality.
Courtney Stange-Tregear led closing reflections and a prayer for Eastern Washington Legislative Conference.
Jim CastroLang co-leads workshop on ways to faithfully respoond to hate with stories, awareness, listening and values.
Roberta Rominger recruits others from PNC-UCC to join her in Washington DC April 3-5 in memory of MLK's assassination.
Lin Hagedorn changes her bank and helps Northshore UCC make decisions and do research to find a better bank.
UCC pastors among those making plans for the state of Washington participation is the Poor People's Campaign.

November-December 2017

Don Mayer likens vision of establishing the United Church of Christ to the mission of the School of Theology and Ministry.
School of Theology and MInistry of Seattle University celebrates ithe 20th anniversary of its founding.
Tim Devine used his sabbatical in June to listen to post-fire grief of eight UCC congregations around the U.S.
UCC Justice Leadership interns' experiences multiply as they share with each other over common meals.
Justice Leadership intern helps 350 Seattle organize hundreds of people visiting 109 Seattle banks in Divest the Globe protests.


September-October 2017

PNC delegates share reflections on experiences at General Synod, offering insights on synod and the national UCC.
Don and Lynnea Mayer scholarships have gone to 12 recipients since it started in 2006 for MDiv students at the STM.
Michelle Doherty reports on ways to give to the PNC's new Friends of the Conference Campaign.
Courtney Stange Tregear will be the keynote speaker and be installed at the Fall Gathering Sept. 20 to Oct. 1 at N-Sid-Sen.


Summer 2017

UCC clergy and members jointhousands at the March for Science in Seattle and other communities.
Pride Worship Service has more clergy of more faiths involved in planning and conducting it.
Helen Bonser who helped start the Pride Parade in Spokane is now a member of the Veradale UCC.
PNC global partners in East Seoul Presbytery share concerns about military tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Seattle Pride Parade 2017

Seattle Pride Parade seeks to clearly demonstrate the commitment of the UCC to advocate for LGBT people and issues.
PNC Board seeks to shrink distances between people and congregations in the Conference.
Justice Leadership programs for young adults and older adults spread the work for justice among churches and agencies.
PNC couple volunteered to teach English with Global Ministries partners in Sri Lanka for three months in 2017.

April 2017

In her 20 years of working in the PNC office in Seattle, Arlene Hobson has adapted to changes in leaders, locations and styles..

February 2017

Courtney Stange=Tregear As churches are about communities, communities will care about churches, said Courtney Stange-Tregear.
Courtney and colleagues Courtney Stange-Tregear shares her impressions from having participated in the Women's March in D.C.

November-December 2015

eliza penik Eliza Penick promotes Heifer International projects to address poverty and community.
ken and james REACH is the expression of ecumenism through outreach to serve people in Renton.
kmbris bond Kmbris Bond helps Ten Thousand Villages Store in Seattle be successful.
tunk fire Images of areas damages by fire raise questions and offer opportunities for response.

September-October 2015

peace cranes Peace cranes travel to UCC churches in communities experiencing shootings.

Korea invites delegates

Global partners in Seoulinvite UCC and Disciples to send regional delegation in May.

June 2015

quinn caldwell Quinn Caldwell saysUCC is uniquely situated to transform mainline churches.
john deckenback John Deckenback reflectson history of missionaries and churches in Inland NW.

April 2015

prayer flags Prayer flags peace messages connect junior high campers and Syrian refugee youth in Jordan.
mozambique road Global Ministries offers opportunities to learn about East Timor and Mozambique.




Winter 2022

Sixty-one people join in United Churches of Olympia Sacred Conversation on Racism in October with Velda Love.
Mission co-workers in Colombia, Alex Maldonado Lizardi and Xiomara CintrĂ³n Garcia, share praayer, ideas.
Tara Leininger announces new board members and plans for Annual Meeting on April 28 to 30 at Bellingham UCC.


Winter 2021

Amara Oden and Stevi Hamill graduated from the School of Theology and Ministry and value the ecumenical studies there.
UCC played a central role in founding and the history or the School of Theology and Ministry as a place for forming clergy.
Conference helped start, fund the School of Theology and Ministry and had retired clergy serve as adjunct instructors.
Recent graduates and alums formed a Speak Out for STM group to raise questions about the closing and find options.
Eliza Penick of Keystone UCC helps organize a January to June session of Justice Jubilee for people to learn about justice.

Summer 2021

Allysa De Wolf will lead a workshop on cults and conspiracy theories for the 2021 General Synod.
Danette and Kelekolio Koloi were among the Samoan pastors leading the opening worship for the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Leah Atkinson Bilinski shares reflections on behalf of the Stewardship Committee on giving being integral to faith.

Fall 2020

Hillary Coleman reports on PNC Board's actions on anti-racism, deepening relationships and communication.
Stewardship Revival is one effort of the Stewardship Committee to provide resources for local churches.
PNC Global Ministries plans virtual pilgrimage 'to' Colombia for 16 participants from the UCC and Disciples of Christ.
Wendy Blight reflects on stewardship and donations during these uncertain times of isolation. She shares a challenge.
Bill Kirlin-Hackett explains new law helping faith communities to serve homeless people on their property.
Vince Larkin joins in moderators' meetings gaining insights on what other churches are doing in these times.
Paul Ashby considers Black Lives Matters in connection with God's creation of Adam and Eve, parents of everyone.

Winter 2019-20

Tri-Cities Immigrant Coaiition celebrates their immigrant neighbors through the arts to build community ties.
Courtney Stange-Tregear reflects on Fall Gathering forming six issue groups to bring specific changes..
Six form Environmental justice Team to advocate for a sustainable farming bill in the state legislature.
John Eisenhauer starts b14ucc.com platform for UCC churches to care, collaborate and connect online.
United Churches in Olympia partner with 16 congregations to back up temple as sanctuary hosting a family.
Wendy Blight, PNC Moderator, announces Annual Meeting and plans for bylaws changes to address racism.
Mike Denton points out the power of churches being in solidarity within their groups and with community people.


April-May 2019

Jubilee Justice participants join in advocacy and work in local congregations. Young adult program will take a year off.
Lenten devotion weaves connections with stories of members of the PNC-UCC about their journeys.
Faith Leaders in Spokane join in vigils at temple and mosque, challenge Superfund sites in Inland Northwest.
Team of 25 from PNC and DOC help with rebuilding projects for week in Puerto Rico to help people recover from hurricanes.


January-March 2019

Randy Crowe recruits volunteers for hurricane rebuilding pilgrimage mission in Puerto Rico in March.
Paul Ashby embarks on sabbatical peace mission and interfaith dialogue in Asian countries.

November-December 2016

Gen Heywood joins 524 clergy on Nov. 3 in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux water protectors opposing oil pipeline.
Amy Johnson at Wayside UCC is commissioned to promote Our Whole Lives curriculum for national UCC.

September-October 2016

PNC Board of Directors welcomes new conference minister of church vitality.
Young adult intern team begins year commitment in Justice Leadership Program.

Justice Jubilee

Team of adults begin commitment to serve through Justice Jubilee Program.
About 60 PNC youth attended the National Youth Event in July at Orlando, Florida.

June-July 2016

Scott Lovaas shares insights on the paradigm shifts for churches in the 21st century.
More than 20 PNC churchesreadily respond to call to display banners to show love for Muslim neighbors in time of bigotry.
PNC global partner delegatesvisiting South Korea in May learn about peace issues and reunification efforts of church.
Farm Worker NW Ministry asks UCC and others to join berry boycott to support farm worker justice.

April 2016

Partner visit to South Koreawill include DMZ, House of Sharing and Gangjeong Village protest site.


Ruth Brandon reports about mission partners in East Timor, Mozambique and Hong Kong.

February 2016

Team from PNC churches plan workshop "On the Intersection of Faith Journeys and Scientific Inquiry."
Prospect UCC follows suggesting of General Synod resolution to divest from fossil fuels.
Two UCC congregations display array of stars across sanctuaries during the Epiphany season.
Ruth Brandon seeks to share about her eight years in mission in Mozambique and other global connections.

December 2014

bob anderson Bob Anderson announces that he will retire June 2015 as CEO of Horizon House.
lois whysong Lois Farnsworth-Whysong helps rewrite national UCC Manual on Ministry.
tara barger Three from PNC attend national UCC workshop on Authorizing Ministry.



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