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Marshall Islands UCC meets at the Veradale UCC, one of five churches

The Marshall Island UCC Church that meets at Veradale shared prayers with photos about life and issues of people living in the Marshall Islands in the North and South Pacific as a background for worship at the Annual Meeting. 

tom kobin

Tom Kobin is pastor of a Marshallese UCC Church in Spokane.

Some slides showed the effects of climate change, World War II, nuclear testing and radiation that remains.

In January 2001, one Marshallese family came to Spokane.  By March 2005, there were more than 60 Marshall Islanders in Spokane.

The Marshall Islands UCC Church meets at the Veradale UCC in Spokane Valley.  Right now the church has only an evening service, but would like a morning service, too, said its pastor and choir director, Tom Kobin.

There are two Marshallese UCC churches, plus an Assembly of God, two New Hope churches, and one New Beginnings church.

The members came to Spokane to work.

When Tom was 23, he went with his brother to Honolulu and then to Seattle.  His mother came in 1977.

All Marshallese have been affected by radiation, he said.

Tom, who offers a Bible study in his home, is working on growing the church.

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